Nopras Technologies Inc. Appoints Director of Business Development — East Coast Operations

November 17, 2014

NOVI, Mich., November 17, 2014  /PRNewswire/ — Nopras Technologies Inc. (, has announced the appointment of Stewart B. Rosenberg to the position of Director, Business Development – East Coast Operations. Mr. Rosenberg joins Nopras from Bio-Investigations Ltd., a specialized global venture capital and new business development consultancy he founded 27 years ago, focused in the fields of human, veterinary, and agricultural health care. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology, biochemistry, and business from The University of Connecticut, the University of Pennsylvania, and Wharton, Mr. Rosenberg’s corporate career began at Centocor (Malvern, PA), now a division of Johnson & Johnson, where he managed the In Vivo Business Unit, and at EMDS (Gibbstown, NJ), then the U.S. subsidiary of E. Merck (Darmstadt, Germany), where he managed Technology / New Ventures. Rosenberg will be geographically located for Nopras on the Eastern U.S. Coast, to particularly address the needs of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies heavily focused along the Boston-Washington Corridor. The position carries global responsibility.

“We are pleased to welcome Stewart to this new position,” said Carla Glaze, Nopras Technologies’ Director of Strategic Accounts. “With a keen understanding of complex technical issues and an in-depth knowledge of statistical methods, both of which complement his business development experience in the CRO business segment, Stewart allows us to bring the highest level of sophistication, sensitivity, and timeliness to the needs of our Clients and future prospects, from the earliest stage of the new business development cycle. His unique background allows Nopras to further differentiate ourselves in the value proposition, as the CRO industry undergoes continual refinement geared to customer needs.” Rosenberg currently is completing 2014 academic appointments with the Department of Chemistry at The University of Connecticut, where he teaches chemistry, as well as an appointment at Central Connecticut State University, which he will continue in 2015, where he currently lectures in Inferential Statistics, addressing hypothesis testing, linear and multiple regression, ANOVA, and nonparametric methods.

“Stewart’s solid broad-based experience in new business development, as well as his innate grasp and continual assessment of the needs, opportunities and complexities facing global multinational companies, all of which he has nurtured over the past 35 years through project management, business development, licensing, and partnership relationships, allow Nopras to further execute on its mission,” said Ms. Glaze. “Nopras operates at the intersection of smaller CROs as well as larger consulting services, capitalizing on the strengths of each, by providing the advantage of flexibility and rapid decision-making seen in the former, as well as providing a focus on “high-end” complex global projects, more often seen in the latter. We are pleased to welcome Stewart to our team.”

Mr. Rosenberg has two sons and resides in Madison, CT with his wife Natalie, as well as with Bonnie, a one year rescued dachshund that was found abandoned on the streets of Hartford pregnant with two puppies, and which they adopted in February.

Nopras Technologies, Inc. is a global management consulting firm which specializes in CRO services to organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biologics industries, as well as the medical device and diagnostics’ sectors. With core competencies in the life sciences’ technical services, process and organizational excellence, regulatory compliance, quality management, and product development, Nopras Technologies draws heavily upon the expertise and skills of uniquely qualified former FDA key personnel, as Nopras’ project Consultants, providing a tailored differentiation to Nopras’ operations and requests for services. Nopras Technologies has its headquarters in Novi, MI US and additional offices in Fort Washington, PA US; Singapore; and Shanghai.

Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements, are not historical facts, and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from those expected and projected. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to (i) general economic conditions; (ii) conditions specific to the industry; (iii) the company’s ability to develop or acquire new technology or products through licensing, merger or acquisition and to obtain regulatory approval to commercialize diagnostic, therapeutic or preventative products; (iv) the effectiveness and ultimate market acceptance of any such products; (v) limitations on third party reimbursements with respect to any such products; and (vi) competition. The company does not undertake to update or revise any forward-looking statements contained herein whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

About Nopras Technologies, Inc.

Nopras Technologies has worked with clients globally in creating value to solve most difficult technical, quality, regulatory and compliance problems to advance new and existing medicines that improve human health. This success is based on our consultants’ abilities to provide industry expertise covering a wide range of technical disciplines, grown from a solid base of scientific and engineering fundamental understanding.

The company provides a broad spectrum of Regulatory, Compliance and Quality Services, Operational Improvement and Technical Services, Turnkey Solutions Services (Facility Start-Up and New Product Launch).

Its service portfolio covers FDA and foreign regulations/ guidelines and spans the full product development life cycle; from clinical development through market scrutiny.

The firm’s staff consists of well-credentialed physicians, scientists, engineers, and technical experts from industry leaders with extensive business and industry experience; many of whom are key opinion leaders, have held key management positions and have earned advanced degrees in medicine, science, engineering and business operate as a working team to integrate the different skill sets they offer.

Nopras Technologies assists clients’ advance promising drug candidates from conception through commercialization by providing technical, quality and regulatory support, assisting in process development and optimization, and manufacturing clinical-trial quantities of drug candidates and regulatory submissions.

The company is based in Novi, MI with offices in Fort Washington, PA, Shanghai, China and Singapore. For more information, visit

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